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Food Safety Manager Training

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Get Certified in 5 Hours


Regularly Scheduled Open Enrollment Class at Discovery 

$89.00  Basic & Manager Cert for ADLLC

$34.99 Basic Cert for ADLLC

Private Class You Pick Date, Time  & Where

$389 Private Class, 1-3 Managers. Great for new licensees. 

$469.99 Private Class,  We train your whole staff.  Best value.  

*  additional charge:  $15.99 for each manager over the first 3 managers and $9.99 each non manager employee over the first 15 basic.  

​​​​​​​FSM Study Options:

  • study online at our testing center then take the proctored exam immediately following  
  • study online from your location then come in and take the proctored exam at your scheduled time

How to order on our shopping cart:

  1. pick a pre-study and proctored test date / time from the first drop down menu.
    • arrive at the scheduled study time.
  2. If you want to study online from your location pick a test date & time from the first drop down menu, then continue to ADDITIONALLY pick virtual study from the second drop down menu
    • a link to the online pre-study will be sent to you within 24 hours of ordering.  
    • arrive at the test time on the day you selected to test.
  3. There is an option to have private instruction and Q & A with a Food Safety Manager Expert instructor. 
    •  Pick this from the third drop down menu and contact us after check out to schedule your time with an instructor.   


Liquor Law Basic & Manager

One Day Online & In-classroom


Food Safety Manager Certification 

One Day In-classroom or Online Study

Prepare to know, practice and manage all areas of food safety. Be responsible for the training and enforcement of food safety practices at your establishment, and on call for the Federal or State Environmental Health Department when conducting routine or formal audits.


"I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned." Cindy V

"Best alcohol awareness class I've attended." Scott A

"Fun and very interactive class, the time just flew by....  I highly recommend it."  Jan B

"We do an employee group training with Discovery every year now... I never have to worry."  Kathleen O

A new Hospitality trend is to have all Chef's, Cooks and Food Preparation employees get certified as a Food Safety Managers.

​​Arizona law says that at least one owner, manager, or cook shall (must)  be a

FOOD SAFETY MANAGER certified by a nationally accredited provider.  

Your certification and credendtials are with NRFSP.




ANSI national accreditation for five years 
Approved for ALL AZ counties

​​$139.00 Online Pre-study at Discovery + Proctored Test

add $20 for virtual pre-study at your location

add ​$99 for private instruction and Q & A with an instructor

Owners or a Manger must be certified in Basic and Management Liquor Law for their establishments Liquor License.  Someone must also be licensed as a Food Safety Manager if you serve non packaged food or snacks. 

Having all employees certified in liquor law and food safety may substantially lower your insurance premiums.