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DHS  Discovery Hospitality Solutions

​Discrete Alcohol & Food Safety Audits

We are on your side. Before the Liquor Department or Environmental Health Department comes to your establishment, have one of our trained Liquor Compliance & Food Safety Professional's come and conduct a "private" compliance audit to determine where your staff and establishment can improve.

This is a great way for a new owner or GM to evaluate their operating procedures prior to opening or to see if your facility is having compliance issues that would cause you fines or worse from the health or liquor department.

We come to you unannounced and conduct a full audit of your establishment and employees observed. We follow up with a private report card for managements eyes only of how your establishment and employees did and a brief consultation that can be followed up with employee training in the specific areas that were in violation or could use improving. This is a great way to get your employees to practice food safety and alcohol awareness to be ready for your county or state audit.

Our hospitality experts can travel anywhere in the state of Arizona to audit, teach, and test. However, an additional travel charge applies to areas out of Maricopa county. If we travel out of county it is popular for us to audit your staff for food safety & liquor law compliance in the same visit.


Security Audits & Employee Certification

Our trained investigator security specialists come to your facility and determine if you have any security areas that need addressing and check to see that you are making the most of your camera system.

We often find the companies that install the cameras really do not know best placement leaving you vulnerable to theft.  

Security Training 

If you have bouncers, door personal, or your own security, Arizona law says you must train your staff to be knowledgeable in AZ security law. 

We have been an approved trainer for DPS for 15 years +.  Our management sit on the DPS licensing and disciplinary board so they hare up on all the current changes in law and industry problems. 

Our security training certification courses are taught to DPS requirements and your staff will receive a two year certification and pocket card with your logo to show their training.   

This course prepares a candidate for:

  • Understanding the levels of reasonable force
  • Arizona title 32 security law
  • Arizona title 13 criminal law (that apply to security)
  • Interfacing with law enforcement
  • Basic form and narrative report writing
  • Representing your company
  • Talking a situation down
  • How to handle patrons under the influence
  • How to keep control and let patrons have a good time

Join a regularly scheduled class at our Scottsdale campus or we can come to you and train everyone for a flat fee.   

A DPS (Department of Safety) Guard Card allows a candidate to work as an employee for a Guard Company or to work as an employee for a private company.  This is not allow you to contract work.

Risk Management Solutions for Your Peace of Mind


Employee Investigations

Protect your investment. Avoid unnecessary risks due to the lack of back-grounding your staff, employee theft...

Conducted by licensed investigators from our affiliateDiscovery Detective Group

  • Employment Screening - busboys to managers
  • Honesty Investigations - with a mystery shop
  • Workers Comp Investigations
  • Dram Shop Investigations
  • Food Contamination Investigations
  • Accidental Death
  • Unfair Competition
  • Theft or Robbery
  • Security Issues
  • Criminal & Civil Defense or Prosecution

Discovery originally got into liquor law certification training by doing compliance investigations for the hospitality industry through our affiliate company Discovery Detective Group.

Call Discovery Detective Group at 480-946-7173 for pricing. Ask about our discounts for returning customers.